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  MTT-S Japan Chapter および MTT-S Kansai Chapter 協賛の講演会をご案内

  「Maxwell, Life of James Clerk」
    Dr. James C. Rautio (Sonnet Software社長)

 日 時: 2008年3月27日(木)
 場 所: 電気通信大学総合研究棟301マルチメディアホール
 主 催: 電気通信大学先端ワイヤレスコミュニケーションセンター
 協 賛: MTT-S Japan/Kansai Chapters, AP-S Japan Chapter
 参加費: 無料
 参加資格: どなたでも

電通大AWCC学術講演会としてIEEE MTT-S Distinguished Microwave 
Lecturer EmeritusのDr. James C. Rautio(米国Sonnet社長) の講演会を
Rautio氏は2007年度までDMLを 務められていました。Microwaveの方

 13:00-14:30  講演会 (電通大総合研究棟301マルチメディアホール)
 14:30-15:30  Sonnetを利用している幾つかの研究室を訪問

 「Maxwell, Life of James Clerk」
 James Clerk Maxwell stands shoulder to shoulder with Newton and 
 Einstein, yet even those of us who have spent decades working with 
 Maxwell's equations are almost totally unfamiliar with his life and 
 times. This presentation, from the viewpoint of a microwave engineer, 
 draws on many sources in providing an understanding of James Maxwell 
 himself. What was Maxwell like as an infant? What was the tragedy at 
 eight years old that profoundly influenced his life? What unique means 
 of transportation did young Maxwell use to escape a cruel tutor? What 
 memorable event occurred on his first day of school? When did he publish 
 his first papers, and what were they about?  What did Maxwell have to do 
 with the rings of Saturn? Why did he lose his job as a professor? Why 
 did he have a hard time getting another job? What was his wife like? 
 What is Maxwell's legacy to us? The answers to these questions provide 
 insight into Maxwell the person and add an extra dimension to those four 
 simple equations we have studied ever since. 

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